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Ben Cops

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

External assembly script functoid troubleshooting tips

A checklist in case its not going well for you:

  • Don't use static methods in the external assembly

  • If you want to use configuration file data from the assembly, and you're testing the map, put the configuration in devenv.config. Obviously at runtime this should go in btsntsvc.config

  • Add a reference to the external assembly in your map project

  • Add the assembly to the GAC & remember to refresh the GAC when you test map and deploy

  • Use validate map to see the strong name of the assembly you're actually referencing - updating the version number of the assembly is not handled well and often means you're looking for an old dll

  • If you've updated the assembly, and can see the changes in the mapper, but they are not in evidence when you test map, restart visual studio

  • Dates can come through with the UTC gotcha when being converted to datetime

  • XSD wants its dates in YYYY-MM-DD format


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  • Thanks for your tip! Indeed updating the assembly is not handled well if you don't also update the version number. I was scratching my head about the update not being reflected even when I had uninstalled and installed from the GAC - until I also updated the version number.

    - Pras

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:59 pm  

  • Very useful..I got stuck at the configuration reading step, until i re-read the post and understood what you meant by saying "put the configuration in devenv.config".. since VS is the parent application when we test maps, the config data obviously comes from there.. silly mistake !!!


    By Anonymous Benjy, at 4:13 pm  

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